The Story

True Story Threads was birthed from the creative vision of Celebrity Ghostwriter Ardre Orie.  After a chance introduction in elementary school to a teacher who encouraged Orie to pursue opportunities to learn through creativity and expression, Orie discovered her love for writing. Orie's ability to chronicle the stories of others was further cultivated and by the age of ten, she became a published author.  Now, amidst a writing career spanning over thirty years, Orie has resolved to create a space where culture and stories collide and one that would serve as a breeding ground for honesty and self-expression. X is commonly used to identify an independent variable or unknown value. The True Story Threads Signature X is a visual representation of freedom.

"It is my greatest hope that every garment and every message connected to this movement is a reminder to be unapologetically who you are and to walk in the fullness of your story. The truth shall set you free!" 

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